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Pwnzr’s Essentials Resource Pack for Minecraft

Have you checked out Pwnzr’s Essentials Resource Pack for Minecraft? He just updated it recently to version 1.7.4.

Who is Pwnzr?! 

Pwnzr's Essentials Resource Pack for Minecraft

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Why that’s Jordan Masek, Homeschool Boy extraordinaire! He’s the J in 

Jordan is very much a Minecraft addict geek. He loves the game very much. In fact, he loves it so much he created his own resource pack. 

This Resource Pack plans to make the Default a bit better but still has the feel of it. This will also be used in my upcoming projects on PMC (Planet MineCraft). 

Apparently, a lot of other people love this thing. Last time I checked he had over 8,000 downloads!

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Go check Pwnzr’s Essentials Resource Pack for Minecraft out and download it today.

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