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Kindergarten Seasons Unit

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Summer is winding down, soon leaves will cover the ground, and the days will grow shorter. Help your kindergarten child learn all about the seasons and weather in this unit study using videos, interactive websites, and games!

Before getting started on any new learning adventure, the boys and I would always head to the library to see what great books they had about the topics we were learning. Check out  your local library first to see what wonderful books about the seasons and weather, or to make sure you have what you need, click on the links below to purchase directly from Amazon. I’ve listed some of the ones L & J enjoyed when they were younger. I’ll bet you can find these and even more, just ask your friendly children’s section librarian!

4 seasons in 5 days unit study

I set aside a time every day, usually right after lunch to read. Sometimes we would take turns reading to each other and sometimes the boys would read to themselves. We always wanted to share with each other what we learned, in a very silly voice, sometimes with a puppet.

BOOKS to read and learn all about weather and seasons!

DAY ONE: Let’s learn about the four seasons. Ready, set, go!

a.) Watch a video about each season [8]. Then play a matching game (at the end of the video) to see what you’ve learned! *(6/30/14) This website is currently under construction. I do not know when it will go back up so I’m keeping this here and watching to see when/if it will go back up.

b) Let’s learn a song to help you remember the four seasons of weather.


c) Read a book! Remember all those books you picked up from the library? Who gets to read out loud first?




Day 2: Learn the characteristics of  local weather patterns.

a) What can you do during the different seasons [9]? Watch a video, play a game, and there’s even a printable [10]!

b) Do you know how to use a thermometer [11]? Let BrainPopJr show you all about it. Also, click on the “read about it” for more book ideas.

c) Thermometers are used to measure temperature   Print the thermometer printable [12] from TwistyNoodle and color in what the temperature is where you live. If you really like to color there are tons of weather-related coloring pages here.


Day 3: Today we learn about the sun as a source of light and warmth [13]

b) What do you know about clouds? Enjoy a retelling of Eric Carle’s “Little Cloud”.

b) It’s art time! Pick a cloud activity [14] and have fun!

Day 4: Learn about rain and snow

a) Rainfall: Can you make it rain…inside?! Let’s do this rain science experiment [15] and see. You can also print this rainfall worksheet [16] to keep track of how much rain falls in your neighborhood.

b) Thunderstorms: What makes lightening and thunder?

c) Snow! Play with the snow [17] without getting wet! (teachings math and physics)


Day 5: Clouds


Tell us what you liked learning about the weather. We’d love to see pictures of all the fun things you tracked and did. You can share them with us on our Facebook [18] page. See you there!




















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  • Monica

    Great ideas and so nice that you can do it in five days. Pinned!

  • Laura

    I don’t actually homeschool, but there are a lot of ideas here I’d use outside of class time to reinforce learning at home!

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